The Christmas reveal post 2016!





Before I write about cheerful fun things, I feel I should acknowledge the sad death of Carrie Fisher.  Initially I was in shock and in disbelief when I was first informed about it. She was a fantastic, witty woman and a strong advocate for mental health. And to so many she was a princess. A feisty, sarcastic, bun haired, blaster firing, Hutt strangling princess who seemed like anything but a damsel in distress. She will be missed by myself and so many others, and will never be forgotten.


So another Christmas has come and gone and it has been a ridiculously hectic one  at that. Having to work Christmas eve and Boxing day meant that I could find little time to post more about anything Christmassy. Christmas day was immensely enjoyable, full of food, wine, Nerf gun fights, lack of sleep and more food, and it was with a huge amount of resentment that I had to return to work the next day. I just wasn’t quite done with all of the eating, watching fun things on TV and playing with all of my awesome new things.

And I had a lot of awesome new things this Christmas. You might not care about looking through all of my newly acquired goodies, but I am someone who likes to look back at stuff I have received, and this is a perfect place to acknowledge what awesome things I have been given.

So here goes!




Food! Lots of it. Gluten free cookies, rocky road, brownie, and Christmas cake, chocolate covered marzipan, candy sushi, chocolates, a chocolate Santa, wine. I always have every intention eating all healthy come January. So I always feel as though I have to scoff all of the unhealthy stuff I get at Christmas like a gluttonous Jabba the Hutt, just so I can start January off owning nothing decadent and edible.




Some aftershaves, and various Star Wars bits, including a mug and a little lunchbox, a Rogue One shaving kit and Death Star and Millennium Falcon shaped soaps. Because as a Star Wars fan, nothing is as satisfying as wooshing the Falcon around whilst getting clean at the same time. I mean, you could clean your arse and pretend it’s the trench run at the same time!




More Star Wars things! ’90s Star Wars head Candy containers (which I am going to try in a future post), a Walkers crisps Jar-Jar Binks sticky tongue toy that I once owned as a kid, a Star Wars mystery egg and two modern Star Wars head candy containers. It should be noted that the bed in which I took these pictures is covered in glitter due to opening wrapping paper that was pretty much dripping with it. I think it makes it look like a starry backdrop against the black which is very fitting.




Even more Star Wars! The Force Awakens figures and micro machines. I didn’t own any Force Awakens figures before but me and the woman had a walk around Smyths toys when we were down visiting my family, and these figures were all reduced down to £2.00 each, probably to make room on the shelves for Rogue One toys. I probably already own about seventeen Nein Numb figures, and I din’t even know who Constable Zuvio is but for just two pound each, I was happy to unwrap ’em come Christmas morning.




I still am not 100% sure on who Constable Zuvio is, but he is fast becoming my favourite character. I admire anyone who can carry off the look of wearing  an upside down, handle-less frying pan on their head, as well as being an effective law enforcer.




DVDs! Agent Carter season 2 and Avengers age of Ultron,  and the original Star Wars trilogy. I am slowly catching up with the Marvel cinematic universe, and after watching  everything so far apart from Agents of Shield series 3 and Agent Carter  series 2, I was happy to unwrap Agent Carter. I also didn’t own Avengers age of Ultron as I am a cheapskate and was unwilling to spend anything over £5.00 for a dvd that has been out seemingly ages (even though the internet says it only came out last year, it feels like it’s been about three).

I  have owned many versions of the Star Wars trilogy, but this set comes with the laserdisc versions of the  original theatrical editions, which is to this day (although somewhat absurdly) the best and only official release of the original Star Wars movies without all of the  added CGI extra crap. Don’t get me wrong, some of the extra stuff really does add to the wonder of it all, but cluttering the frame up with the ass-end of  an alien lizard thing on Mos Eisely or making Greedo fire a shot off before Han, or  digitally replacing the ghost of  Anakin Skywalker played by Sebastian Shaw with that of Anakin from episode II and III (Christian Hayden) does not make for great viewing. The laserdisc version isn’t perfect and there are parts where there is a lot of blurring, but until Disney releases a nice blu-ray version of the original release then this is the version I will be watching.




Guardians of the Galaxy awesome mix Vol 1 vinyl and The Empire Strikes Back Special Edition Laserdisc.

The music of Guardians of the Galaxy is fantastic. If you have seen the movie, you will understand what I mean. In a fast paced, sci-fi action flick, having a soundtrack comprised of classic pop from the 1970s and ’80s really grounds it and works so damn well. We have the CD somewhere, but now I can be a trendy hipster and play it on the record player.

After my rant on the disdain I feel for the Special Editions of Star Wars I should explain that I actually don’t think The Empire Strikes Back is bad at all. I liked the added extra bits in the film, the extra footage of the Wampa snow creature and adding Ian McDiarmid as the Emperor instead of the woman wearing a mask who played the Emperor in the original release. I would have been happy owning any of the laserdisc special editions to be honest, as I don’t own a laserdisc player and I would just display them.



Star Wars socks and punk t-shirts!

I also got a pair of Marvel Socks, but I was wearing them when I took this picture. As well as my vast appreciation for old crap, comics and toys, I also love music. I have played in various bands over the years and love punk rock, so was chuffed to receive a shirt bearing The Damned logo, and a Vive Le Rock one which is in the style of the Seditionaries line by Jamie Reid, Malcolm Mclaren and Vivienne Westwood, who arguably shaped the look of punk. I really dig ’em both.



A bluetooth radio controlled car.

I love the look of this, but since my phone is for lack of a better term ‘royally fucked’, my being able to wind the the dog up with this has to wait until I get a new phone.




This lot consists of-

Doctor Who Top Trumps. It is a tradition for my Auntie to get me Top Trumps every year as I jokingly pointed out many years ago how often I seemed to receive the card game from her, so it has become an annual thing.

Jack Daniels eye-wear, which I did wonder originally if these were just an upgrade from beer goggles, but nope, they are actually some really really nice black aviator shades.

A bluetooth speaker which looks awesome but unfortunately and somewhat obviously requires a bluetooth device like a phone, which I am lacking right now.

Deodorant, because nothing confirms you are a smelly bastard as much as when a few different people buy you things to make you smell better.

Marvel Avengers Assemble Hulk Shower gel, of which I find somewhat disappointing. The bottle is supposed to light up when you open the lid, due to little pressure buttons on the top, but for some reason this doesn’t seem to want to work. Of course, I say I find it disappointing, but I don’t think I could ever harbor too much ill thought towards any shower product which features an almost poignant, stoic looking Hulk.  Perhaps he knows exactly why the bottle won’t light up.

A weird little Darth Vader Christmas decoration. It is glittery and a little bit tacky, and I love it.




A Mario ‘?’ storage tin, and an assortment of retro games which consists of Megaman 1 and 2 for the NES, Chase HQ for the Sega Master system, Super Mario Kart for the SNES, and Teenage Mutant Ninja (hero) Turtles trilogy for the Nintendo Gameboy and Dino Crisis for the PS1.




Two Marvel Superhero Lego sets, Sanctum Sanctorum from Doctor Strange and Tanker Truck Takedown from Captain America Civil war. I freakin’ love lego, and the eclectic craziness of the Marvel universe translates well in Lego form. I still have an Ant-man final battle set to put together as well, and am sorely tempted by some of the Lego sales on Amazon but know I should probably give these a go first.




A PS1 wallet, a bracelet, Resident Evil 0 for the Gamecube (which is a title I have yet to play), more make-smell-less in a bottle, and some bandannas.




A Moogle Plush!

Though I am not a plush person, this is the third plush my girlfriend has bought me since we have been together, and the third that I have totally loved. Moogles are a species in the Final Fantasy series of games, and are so cute and weird looking. The first game I properly played was Final Fantasy IX and the game was rife with them, cementing a firm fondness for the weird little race of little creatures in my heart. Now I own my very own, and he is such a fat, happy little fella, I know we are going to be pals for many years.




Coleco mini arcade Donkey Kong game!

I had wanted one of these for aaaaages, and finally I have one. I have always loved handheld video games, but had never seen one of these in person before. Released in 1981/82, this is probably one of the first handheld games to feature a Nintendo character. The game is a really clever attempt of emulating the arcade version, though I have only managed to get past the first level. The toy is amazing in the sense that the screen is just a vacuum fluorescent display. To be honest this toy probably needs it’s own post as it is awesome! To tie in with the fact it’s Christmas, this toy actually appeared in one of the best Christmas films of all time- Gremlins!




I will try and give this toy the time it deserves in a future post as it really is awesome.


Anyway, I hope you had some similarly interesting things left under your Christmas tree this year, and that you’ve had the chance to get fat and drunk, which is of course what Christmas is really about!






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