My First Post in AAAGES! Updates.

Hi everyone! It’s been forever! I’ve been incredibly neglectful of this site, and I sincerely apologise!

So what’s happened since I last posted on here? Not an abundance, truth be told. I recently bought 11 Star Wars Episode 1 Cadbury Chocolate bars. This was definitely a highlight of recent years.

Outside of buying long-inedible confectionery, I still work two jobs (three including writing for Fusion magazine) and have unintentionally become a horrendously grumpy old man, tired and sore most of the time.

I’m also off to Japan in three weeks. I hope anyway. After twelve million cancellations due to the country being closed off, it seems like we’re finally going to be able to visit. I can’t wait! I’ve wanted to go hunting for cool old Japanese Monster toys for ages, and getting to eat Takoyaki and drink vending machine beer, and it seems it’s finally happening. I plan on using this site a little to document my adventure, so hopefully I’ll actually get around to doing this.

On a final and very important note, I’ve been buying Monster in my Pocket toys again.

It’s not actually important. They’re just neat is all. If you have any illusive series 3 you want to trade or sell me, give me a shout.

I probably should have written something much more interesting, seeing as I’ve not posted forever, but I’m useless, so here we are.

That’s my YouTube channel if anyone wants to go and subscribe. I post more toy related stuff on there these days, and would like to post more, as videos generally take much less time than written blog posts, although I do regret unintentionally abandoning this place.

On a final note, anyone who still reads content on this site, I both apologise that you’ve read content on this site and am thankful. I hope it’s been entertaining, arousing or interesting. Or hopefully, all three.

On another final note, I recently noticed the official Masters of the Universe Wikipedia page links to this website, which seems utterly mental to me. As if any of the nonsense on here should be referenced by an actual, informative website like Wikipedia, considering most of the shit on here is poor reviews and other nonsense. Regardless, I hope you’ve enjoyed your time here.

I also bought a lifesize Chucky and a Gremlin. It seemed the right thing to do.


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