Other Awesome Sites

My site is brilliant. I know. You don’t have to tell me. But did you know there are actually other websites on the internet? That are also very good?

Here are some sites that are good.

Dinosaur Dracula– a site owned by Matt, the creator of the now sadly defunct X-entertainment. XE was a site I lived on in my teen years, soaking up reviews of decades old cereal, random old action figures, wrestling, toys and all manner of stuff from pop culture. Dinosaur Dracula is just as worth a visit as XE ever was. Matt is also responsible for the constant anger that I have to suppress daily, which is based entirely on the fact that the UK does not do Halloween, at least not to the glorious standards of our transatlantic cousins. If it wasn’t for XE and Dinosaur Dracula, I probably wouldn’t have been aware of this, and would live a far more carefree existence.

XE and DD were more than a little bit of an inspiration for this site, so if you like anything on here, you would do well to give DD a visit.

Hello Mognet– a site ran by my friend Emma, HM is a site that is dedicated to all things Final Fantasy. Final Fantasy doesn’t feature on my blog all that much,  but it is one of my favourite video game series of all time and I have acquired a lot of FF themed stuff. I’ve bombarded Emma with questions regarding obscure Final Fantasy merchandise for quite a while now, from obscure Japanese Chocobo happy meal toys to Aerith pencil toppers, she has never failed to provide some enlightening information. Anyone with a love for Final Fantasy will be right at home on her site Kupo!


The Dragon Fortress– If you love G.I. Joes and other figures from the 1990s, this site is definitely worth a visit. It’s ran by my buddy Dustin, and his Instagram is also worth a look if you enjoy seeing photographs of G.I. Joes in awesome action packed poses and scenes.