Exciting Candy Packages from Friends in Japan!

My girlfriend and I were due to fly to Tokyo in April. It had been a trip we had seemingly been saving for forever, and was something we were both looking forward to. With my love of  Japanese video games and shows like Pokemon, Japan had always seemed exciting to me, and getting to visit …

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The Christmas reveal post 2016!

        Before I write about cheerful fun things, I feel I should acknowledge the sad death of Carrie Fisher.  Initially I was in shock and in disbelief when I was first informed about it. She was a fantastic, witty woman and a strong advocate for mental health. And to so many she …

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Musings about Christmas things!

I don't do many (if any) posts that aren't reviews or looking at things. But reviews haven't been very forthcoming of late, so probably for the first time ever here is a post that isn't a look at a toy or video game! I really enjoy writing and I think I always have. Somewhere in …

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