My Christmas Haul 2021!

Again, because I'm lazy, here's a video instead of a blog post!

My Christmas Haul 2020!

As I had predicted, I didn't manage to get any other posts done between my last and this one, as I've been very busy quaffing beer and shovelling festive food into my mouth, and not doing a whole lot of much else. I have managed to tear myself away from eating and drinking for a …

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Mattel Toy Story 2 Micro Movers! Andy’s Roamin’ Room Playset!

Anyone who has visited this site somewhat regularly will know that as a kid I loved micro playsets. Mighty Max, Pokemon, Star Wars Micro Machines, I couldn't get enough of the teeny little scenes all contained within a colourful, interesting plastic case for easy transportation. There was one micro playset that I yearned for desperately, …

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UK Super Mario Bros Christmas Cracker toys from 1993!

It was apparently Mario day a couple of days ago, being March 10th or Mar10. Although fashionably late as always, I figured I'd use the opportunity to talk about some extremely obscure Super Mario Bros product that has been nearly lost to time. Before that, I should probably explain to some people what a 'Christmas …

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The Christmas reveal post 2016!

        Before I write about cheerful fun things, I feel I should acknowledge the sad death of Carrie Fisher.  Initially I was in shock and in disbelief when I was first informed about it. She was a fantastic, witty woman and a strong advocate for mental health. And to so many she …

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Musings about Christmas things!

I don't do many (if any) posts that aren't reviews or looking at things. But reviews haven't been very forthcoming of late, so probably for the first time ever here is a post that isn't a look at a toy or video game! I really enjoy writing and I think I always have. Somewhere in …

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