My Christmas Haul 2020!

As I had predicted, I didn’t manage to get any other posts done between my last and this one, as I’ve been very busy quaffing beer and shovelling festive food into my mouth, and not doing a whole lot of much else.

I have managed to tear myself away from eating and drinking for a short time, in order to post this year’s haul of Christmas goodies. This has become something of a tradition now. I may have missed one year when I got too drunk on Christmas Eve, and spent most of Christmas day trying not to die, but I could well have done a post after the hangover had left me. I can’t remember if I did. Anyway, here’s this year’s stuff!

A mountain of festive chocolate, confectionery and biscuits!

The older I get, the fatter I seem to get, and I’m not sure if I’m gifted more and more edible things as I get older because people think, “He’s a chubby shit. He obviously likes food. Let’s get him some chocolate biscuits for Christmas”. Or if it’s that it just gets harder to burn off the calories from the humongous hauls of gifted Christmas food the older I get. Either way, the end result is I’m slowly starting to resemble something like Jabba the Hutt. I will have to do something about it, but for now I’m going to just commence sitting in my throne room shoving chocolate Father Christmas’s into my mouth instead of live frogs. Cha too ma laya conky, ya neema loka nyan!

A plethora of movies and things to watch!

This year yielded an awesome selection of DVDs and Blu-rays! The lot consists of Mothra on Blu-ray, Premium Collection Forbidden Planet (DVD & Blu-Ray), Film Fantastic DVD volumes 1&2 (contains The Final Programme, Invasion, Unearthly Stranger, The Terrornauts, Konga, Timeslip, Devil Girl From Mars, The Headless Ghost), The Deadly Mantis DVD, Alien, Aliens and Alien 3 collectors edition DVDs, Doctor Who: The Brain of Morbius DVD, and Premium Collection Jason and the Argonauts (DVD and Blu-ray).

I’m constantly running out of room for my DVDs, but I do love having a library of classic sci-fi and fantasy for when I want to while away an hour or two.

Video games!

After discovering and loving Shenmue I and II this year, I was chuffed to recieve the third installment in the series. I also now own Resident Evil 5 and 6, completing my PS4 collection of available RE titles, and for the Switch I have the Super Mario 3D All-star, and an RPG that was recommended to me called Dragon’s Dogma. Oh, and finally a Japanese shooter for the Game Boy called Aerostar, which I had and LOVED as a kid. I’ve already given it a teeny play this morning as I couldn’t wait.


As a kid, being gifted socks seemed like some kind of sick joke, and I’d check the present bag to see where my REAL present was. As an adult, socks are very much appreciated, and if a year ever comes around where I don’t unwrap at least one pair of socks, I wouldn’t know what I’d do. I don’t think I’ve bought myself socks in years. Thankfully it’s not something I have to worry, as socks were abundant this year.

Monster in my Pocket!

Ages back, Jade had asked if there was anything I wanted in my Christmas stocking, so found these MIMP figures I was needing, which were exclusive as cereal gifts here in the UK.

Baby Yoda!

I’d like to write a proper piece on the marvel that is The Mandalorian show, and the sensation that is Baby Yoda. But I now own an electronic Furby-like version of the adorable alien, and life is better for it.


Eau de toilette is another thing I always recieve at Christmas, and I don’t think I’ve ever bought myself any ever. The thistle and black pepper spray is surprisingly good, and the fact it contains pepper will undoubtedly make me feel well seasoned.

Scented candle and Lynx Africa!

I am a man who unashamedly appreciates a scented candle. Spiced apple and cinnamon are my favourite and always remind me of Autumn and Winter, so I always love getting a new one. Lynx Africa is definitely a Christmas thing, and there are always warnings the week following Christmas about massive clouds of Lynx Africa over the UK, due to nearly every male here receiving at least one can of deodorant.

Star Wars Hoth Ice Planet Adventure Gane!

I wanted this game primarily for the Luke Skywalker figure that comes with it. I’m a huge fan of the vintage Star Wars line, and the retro collection feels like a continuation of that.


Blues Bender Harmonica (A) and Skull maraca!

Although I don’t play as much as I used due to a dog that barks whenever I make any noise with a musical instrument, I do enjoy playing harmonica and one day hope I can find the time and like-minded musicans to start a kick-ass, blues/punk-rock band. Until I can regularly piss off the establishment with my music, I can always irritate our bearded collie.

Mego Leatherface action figure!

I’ve started a collection of Mego figures now, and Leatherface is my latest addition. I very much want to open him up, very much in the same spirit in which he likes to open up teenagers who accidently happen across his family home. I’ve managed to not open my Nightmare on Elm Street and It Mego figures though, so shall try to relent with this one too.


Super Mario notepad!

I have a strange fondness for documenting every game I play and finish with a brief review of the each title. My previous Game Boy shaped notepad is getting full, so this is perfect for my next record keeping!

This horrendous bottle of sprout ketchup!

I say it’s horrendous but I’ve not actually tried it yet. The idea of sprout flavour ketchup just sounds revolting. I guess we’ll see if this is so.

Pikachu onesie!

I didn’t think that at some point today I would be wearing an item that would really showcase my flab AND somehow give me cameltoe, but this Pikachu onesie did both. I didn’t wear it for long as it also made me sweat like a motherfucker. But I was still indisputably adorable whilst I wore it.


A Pac-man light!

Wakka wakka wakka wakka! I now have a Pac-man light!

Aaand finally! A limited edition Final Fantasy leather Moogle Plush, and a Yoshitako Amano set of Final Fantasy art books!

I’ve mentioned before how much the Final Fantasy series means to me, and these two items are definitely now pinnacles in my collection!

So there we go. That’s this year’s haul! I’ve had some amazing things, and have been a right spoiled bastard yet again. And also yet again, I don’t really know how to end this. I hope everyone who reads this had a good christmas, and that Santa was as good to you as he was to me.

Merry Christmas folks!


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