Magic Snow! Just add water!

As it’s now December I thought I should probably acknowledge the season by looking at something fairly festive.

After my last encounter with a BJ toys product (which was the growing zombie toy I reviewed back at Halloween) I really wasn’t going to rush to buy anything else from them. But when I found their new product in my local convenience store I knew it would be demeritoriously wrong of me if I didn’t pick it up.





As the packaging wasn’t too specific, I did initially wonder if it was the accompanying shovel that grows by 600% but it is in fact the snow that grows. The growing Zombie I reviewed also was supposed to grow by 600% and it didn’t grow very much at all, so I cannot reiterate enough as to how low my expectation was of this product.

The back of the packet has the instructions which tells you to open the packet of “Magice Snow” and pour it into a container.





The actual container said ‘Magic Snow’, not ‘Magice Snow’ but I forgave them the spelling error and poured it into an old tub, where it looked more like a very generous helping of cocaine as opposed to a winter wonderland.





After filling the little tub up with water and adding it to the powder, it started to turn into a slightly mushy paste. I was still dubious that it was going to end up anything like snow though.






Adding a further 4 tubs of water and constantly mixing for about five mins, it was really starting to look like snow. Aside from a few dough-like balls, the general texture was really fluffy and it did actually stick together like real snow. It was so convincing that Hoth Luke showed up and stood around looking cold.






As the packaging stated that I could “BUILD A MINIATURE SNOWMAN!” this obviously had to be tested and I let my girlfriend get on with that whilst I played with Luke in the snow. Using black ball pins for the buttons and and face, I don’t think he turned out too bad, though he does look like he has been out in the sun for a few hours and is starting to melt.





Overall, as cheap and crappy corner shop toys go, I can say that I am suitably happy with this. Not in a ‘OHMAIGUD THIS IS THE GREATEST THING EVER!!!’ kind of way, but in quiet acknowledgement that this product was far better than the shitty zombie toy from before. The only real concern I had was when some of the snow fell on the floor and I had to rush to wipe it off the floor before the dog ate it. It  turns to mush right away when not surrounded by more snow, so just picking it up off the floor isn’t an option, you really have to get a sponge and scrub at it.

Overall, though I think BJ products do suck (I really tried hard to steer away from puns, honest!) this really isn’t that bad. If you have kids and would like them to play with something that can easily be spilled and trodden into the carpet, then you should totally pick them up a packet of magic snow. Or if you want to recreate Hoth  from The Empire Strikes Back, you should buy ten of ’em.



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