The Christmas reveal post 2016!

        Before I write about cheerful fun things, I feel I should acknowledge the sad death of Carrie Fisher.  Initially I was in shock and in disbelief when I was first informed about it. She was a fantastic, witty woman and a strong advocate for mental health. And to so many she …

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Musings about Christmas things!

I don't do many (if any) posts that aren't reviews or looking at things. But reviews haven't been very forthcoming of late, so probably for the first time ever here is a post that isn't a look at a toy or video game! I really enjoy writing and I think I always have. Somewhere in …

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Cereal box freebies! Nestle ‘Playstation Action Heroes’ toys from 2001!

There aren't many establishments that I have been (soberly) ejected from, but I distinctly remember that as a kid I was threatened of being kicked out of the local super market by a security guard. Why? Was it for stealing sweeties or some other heinous crime? No. I was opening the tops of the cardboard …

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