Knock-off/Bootleg Street Fighter II ‘SNES’ Controller E. Honda and M. Bison Micro Playset!


It’s been a while since I last wrote anything on here. But with it being a new year, I shall endeavor to post somewhat regularly. But we’ll see how that goes.

Anyway, back in 2017 I reviewed an unofficial Street Fighter II micro playset which featured Guile and Chun-Li, and was based on Guile’s stage. Since then, I have been on the look out for more of these micro playsets but they seemed to come up few and far between. A couple of months back I saw that Mike of Mike’s Toybox had acquired a set of these and had a double, so when he offered it to me for a very good price, I knew I would be a fool to refuse it.

So it wasn’t long before I was holding yet another SNES style controller in my hands, only this one was less yellowed than the last.




I’m sure I talked excitedly enough about the case in the last review, so here’s the interesting contents of this new one.



As you can see, this set comes with F. Smonda and N. Buffalo, two characters who are absolutely not E.Honda or M.Bison.  The background is vaguely reminiscent of Balrog’s Las Vegas stage background with similar looking people cheering on the fight.



 (Did you know that the Golden Nugget casino is actually real? Being a Brit far away from Las Vegas, I only just found this out).




The obvious difference between this and Balrog’s stage background is that this playset is taking place in a bar and not outside a casino. It raises questions on how this fight came into fruition? Perhaps not-M.Bison drunkenly told not-E.Honda that he had nice breasts and not-E.Honda was less than appreciative of this piece of information. That’s what I imagined happened as I spent three hours carefully trying to balance not-E.Honda and not-M.Bison in action pose, which was difficult as both had clearly downed too much liquor in the bar as I struggled to get either of them to stand up properly.




As well as the not-Street Fighter II characters, the set also comes with what appears to be two speakers/amps, as well as two dumbbells. I don’t frequent as many bars these days as I used to, but I don’t think I have ever seen a dumbbell in a drinking establishment before. But I have never seen any sumo wrestlers or crimson attired evil overlords of criminal organisations either, so I can’t really criticise that too much. I’m probably just not visiting the right pubs.

After Mr Mike Macdee sold this awesome set to me, I ended up finding all three of these playsets still carded on eBay.




I had absolutely no idea that this toyline was called ‘World Fighter’. I totally dig the card artwork. I was and still am ridiculously tempted to open up the Ryu and Blanka set, but I think I will manage to hold off until I find a loose set on eBay or somewhere.

So that concludes my first post of 2019. If there is anything we have learned today, it’s that Street Fighter themed micro playsets are still neat, even if they aren’t officially licensed products.

And as I have no other conclusion than that, here is Jackie Chan being Street Fighter II characters in a fight. It’s awesome.








7 thoughts on “Knock-off/Bootleg Street Fighter II ‘SNES’ Controller E. Honda and M. Bison Micro Playset!

  1. Dave D.

    I actually owned the M.Bison / E.Honda set as a kid. In fact, I was talking about old stores with a buddy, it got me thinking about old toys, I looked for this, found you – never knew it was “World Fighter” because it was (and will always be) Street Fighter in my head. I gotta see about snagging these for my little boy. Great post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha yeah, I imagine the M Bison/E Honda set is the most legitimate seeming set out of the three, as the characters actually look a lot more like their in-game sprites more than the Ryu/Blanka and Chun Li/Guile, so very easy to think that the toys were actual Street Fighter products instead of “World Fighter” toys.

      Thanks for the feedback Dave, always nice to hear my site has been of some use to someone! I like to shine a light on old and forgotten toys, so if I’ve managed to do that, I’m happy! 😀


      1. Paul

        Can i ask if anyone has rough values for these? Just found all 3 complete in a box from parents house – listed on ebay but no idea what have sold for in past!


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