The Forgotten Starship’s 1st Anniversary! Knock-off/Bootleg Street Fighter II ‘SNES’ Controller Guile and Chun-Li Micro Playset!

Today marks The Forgotten Starship’s first anniversary. It’s hard to believe that it has already been a year since my first post, which was a look at the Mighty Max Kronosaur playset. Seeing as that first ever post was looking at a micro playset, it’s probably appropriate to look at another micro playset, in honor of TFS’s anniversary. So here it is!




“Wait!” I hear you say. “That isn’t a playset, it’s a Super Nintendo controller!” and you would be right in the sense that it does indeed resemble a PAL Super Nintendo controller (or the Japanese Super Famicom for that matter). It has even changed colour over time to that gross yellowy grey that old Nintendo products have a tendency to do.




Size-wise, it’s a little bit shorter and a bit fatter than a SNES controller, and the blue and green buttons are the wrong way around, as well as lacking any ‘select’ or ‘start’ buttons. But considering my parents often used to let me ‘play’ demos in arcades on the machines, if you gave it to a three year old as you played Super Mario World, there’s every chance they would think they were playing along as well.

The point of this post isn’t about how to dupe your kids into thinking they are playing video games though, It’s to look at a pretty obscure micro playset that is actually based on the Street Fighter II series. So enough babbling, here it is opened up!




Ta-da! If you are a Street Fighter II aficionado, you will probably recognise this scene as being somewhat representative of Guile’s stage, which is an Air Force base.  The two most noticeable elements of this set are probably the mini-figures, which are Guile and Chun-li.




They both rotate at the waist by way of a rubber peg that joins the legs and torso. They do feel very fragile so I’m somewhat reluctant to make Chun-Li do a spinning bird kick on Guile for fear that she will end up looking more like a Mortal Kombat fatality as opposed to a Street Fighter II character.

One of the strange things about these figures is the paint choices. Chun-Li looks okay, but Guile is sporting a very golden coloured hairstyle as opposed to his usual yellow. This is probably the most indicative piece of evidence to suggest that this playset might not be an official licensed Street Fighter II product (though just look at some of the strange choices for the the G.I. Joe/Street Fighter II series…) but despite not being a licensed product, it is undeniably neat.

One of the things I like the most about it is the artwork on the top half of the set. Although it looks like it has been coloured in with crayon, it is still a pretty charming attempt at copying some of the elements from the background of Guile’s Stage, like the plane, the guy with his arm around the girl and the cheering man with shades on.






See, not a bad attempt huh?

The set also comes with a few accessories to bulk out the playset, which includes two bent pipes, two different sized ‘railings’ and a crate, which is probably the most essential accessory for me as so many bouts on Guile’s stage seemed more about trying to get your opponent to smash through a crate than to actually win the round.




Aside from the Guile and Chuni-Li set, there were a few other sets released with different  characters in each one (like a bearded Blanka!) though they are definitely not something you will find every day, especially complete with all of the original accessories.

What seems unusual to me is that this toyline was made without an official licensed version of these products existing (to my knowledge anyway), making me wonder if the term ‘knock-off’ is really appropriate.

Despite the ‘not-approved-by-Capcom’ nature of this playset, it is a fun, nifty little set and I would have loved to have owned it as a kid when it would have been a whole lot less yellow.





Finally, to anyone who follows this blog, facebook page, twitter or who to anyone who just likes to have a read through my posts now and then, thank you for  giving me an incentive to write. I don’t have a massive amount of followers, but it’s nice to think that a few people enjoy reading my posts about retro toys, nostalgia, video games and other old crap.







10 thoughts on “The Forgotten Starship’s 1st Anniversary! Knock-off/Bootleg Street Fighter II ‘SNES’ Controller Guile and Chun-Li Micro Playset!

  1. James

    Happy Birthday! (To the site, unless you wrote the first article on your actual birthday, in which case Happy Birthday x2!)

    I really enjoy reading the articles here, and whilst i’m not really on social media so can’t support that way I just wanted to say that they’re great. Keep up the good work and I look forward to another year of nostalgic reads!


      1. James

        Ah man, you’ve covered so much on here already…it’s all good stuff! From the things you seem to cover and reminisce about I guess we could be similar ages? I was born in the 80’s but feel the 90’s was really my era.

        Love the Mighty Max stuff, have you got any more of those to review?! Like you i’m a huge MIMP fan, also Mini Boglins, don’t think you’ve done a review on those yet, did you like them? If you don’t have any I will gladly send you a few of my doubles.
        Your reviews on weird food/sweets are always fun. What about re-watching some of the classic shows from back in the day? There’s a fair bit of it on youtube…although I watched The Demon Headmaster on there a while ago and they seem to have taken it down now, how dare they!

        Sorry for the long post, maybe a few ideas for you there but whatever you choose to write about i’m sure i’ll love it!


      2. Well I was born in 1990, which sucks as I can’t wear one of those “made in the 80s” shirts with pacman and other 80s things on. Though I guess I was technically ‘made’ in the 80s, I don’t really want to think about that.

        I have a fair few more MM toys to review actually, when I can dig ’em out. I’ve been looking for a complete and affordable Skullmaster playset (can’t think of the actual name but it’s his head with light up eyes) to look at on my Halloween countdown but not found one cheap enough for my liking yet! I also do have a few mini boglins which are deffo gonna make an appearance at some point! Thank you for the kind offer though. I had some doubles too but I think I gave ’em away, not knowing anyone else who collected boglins I could trade with.
        I haven’t done food in forever! Always was something I intended to more of and hopefully will again providing I can source some disturbing/strange food.

        I always intended to look at awful 80s movies and horror and stuff, but looking at retro TV is something I never really thought about and isn’t a bad idea at all. Though from the age of 4-11 we didn’t have a TV in the house so I missed out on a ton of good shit (poor deprived kid I was). I had to go to my grandparents just to watch Pokemon! I do remember watching the demon headmaster, but not as much as I can remember reading it (think the girl was called Dana and the two brothers were called Harvey and Lloyd, though I might have to Google that to see if that matches my memory!).
        Anyway, very much appreciate the suggestions buddy and I will Deffo try looking at old tv stuff and trying weird food again if I can find some!


  2. James

    Good Demon Headmaster knowledge there mate!! I never read the books (was probably too engrossed with Goosebumps at the time!) but you’re right about the characters…spot on! I loved the show as a kid, it had that definite 90’s Britain vibe to it. Not sure if it came through in the books but in the tv series the boys especially were these terribly precocious children, can remember me being annoyed with them even as a kid, although I was probably just jealous!
    Sorry to hear about your tv situation, but at least you managed to get your fix somehow!

    I think in one of your articles you mentioned some of the other classic shows of the 90’s like Are You Afraid of the Dark and Eerie Indiana…so good. I haven’t watched recent kids tv lately but I bet they just don’t compare! I got some dvd’s of them a few years ago and loved re-watching it all, as well as Round the Twist (that theme tune!!). I think most of those are still on youtube so that’s good.

    Glad to hear you have more MM stuff to review…I only ever had one new classic type set (the doom zones maybe?) which was the Egyptian themed snake one, was my pride and joy that Christmas! I had friends who had the massive set you have your eye on, as well as the dragon one, and they were just insane back then, still are now if we’re being honest! I hope you manage to snag one at a decent price although ebay is just ridiculous these days! I got some of the smaller ones too when I was younger, and somehow managed to amass quite a few more of the other classic sized ones, I didn’t steal them honest! Probably just traded them for other toys when they were out of vogue, but when I unearthed the ones I have a few years ago I discovered quite a few were missing figures etc, maybe ebay is my friend there!

    I’m off for a week or so next week but when i’m back I need to go through my stuff and have a sort out, I have some doubles of things and would really like to send them on to you, if you want them. I feel bad that I have read this site and got enjoyment from it when I can’t really help spread the word so it would make me feel a lot better about it! I have to enter my email when I write on here so hopefully you have it, if not let me know how I can get it to you.


    1. Only just noticed this comment Mike! I would say I hope you manage to find some soon, but we both know you have managed to get a full set since this comment! 😀


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  4. Imy Hussain

    Fantastic I love these and have been searching for them couldn’t find anything for the last few days until this blog came. I also had 2 of these sets as a child in the 90’s. If I can remember clearly brought from our local Swag shop they used to do all sorts and brilliant toys or figurines. Thank you. Now need to look for anyone selling these


    1. Thank you! That’s what this blog is for, to shine a light on unfortunately forgotten things!
      In regards to anyone selling these, I might be able to help you out. I had a set of three carded and three loose, and don’t need two lots, so if you were interested, I’d be willing to part with a set!


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