Random Action Figures! Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles General Traag, 1989!


The TMNT toyline was never really devoid of interesting looking heroes and villains. Robots, ninjas, aliens and mutant creatures always tend to translate well into cool looking toys. But then there were some in the 1987 cartoon, that just looked a bit…crap.

Take General Traag. General of the Rock Soldier army from Dimension X. Can you visualise as to what  kind of a badass warrior this character could look like? Because I can imagine something much better than this.




Well Playmates Toys must have also thought they could do much better than this expressionless looking dude, because in 1989 they released an action figure of General Traag which became of the favourite toys of my childhood!




Traag comes equipped with three weapons, a hi-tech looking pistol and rifle, and a combat knife. Unlike the cartoon, he also features flesh coloured skin and is wearing a grimace as opposed to a chiseled and expressionless face.

The most notable difference to the cartoon version of Traag, is that he doesn’t look very uniform and boring, perhaps not ideal for someone who is supposed to be a leader in an army, but from a design perspective in a toy, he looks bloody brilliant. Every part of Traag is covered in details to really sell the gruesome and grotesque vibe that most kids love.




From spiders crawling up an arm, to a cob-web on his back, and even a snake wrapped around a leg, every part of this figure looks just a little bit grim. He even has toes protruding from his left boot, which looks a little more homeless bum than militaristic general, but I can deal with this. Perhaps Traag has just done battle with the turtles and got his ass kicked through a pet store.

General Traag remains one of  my most treasured childhood toys, and one of my favourite Ninja Turtles villains. Shredder and Kraang might be the primary villains in the Turtles universe, but I see no reason that a futuristic-gun toting, insect covered rock-man can’t be a close second. And the fact he is capable of murdering turtles judging by his shell helmet, shows he is truly a force to be reckoned with.





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