Mezco Cinema Of Fear “Tiny Terror” horror Action Figures from 2009!


I’ve documented my love of Hasbro’s Heroes line before– Star Wars Galactic Heroes, Indiana Jones Adventure Heroes, and Marvel’s Superhero Squad. They’re essentially cutesey, chunky, wee action figures which are intended for younger fans of each franchise. Each line was released in the late 2000s, but the Star Wars Galactic Heroes line is still going in some form today.

Due to  the popularity of the toyline, a few other companies released toys of a similar style, and 2009 saw the release one of my favourite series, released by Mezco. The Tiny Terror line!




The line comprised three teeny figures, Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th, Leatherface from The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, and Freddy Krueger from A Nightmare on Elm Street.




Jason Voorhees is probably the most basic of the three figures, and he comes in a typical “Heroes” pose, and features the three fingers and a thumb that the Hasbro Heroes line all have. But he does feature a little more detail than the average heroes figure though, with detailed grime atop his iconic hockey mask. Despite being a little more detailed, he still looks like he could comfortably fit in the Hasbro Heroes, as displayed next to Anakin Skywalker.




He also features articulation on both arms, something many Hasbro Heroes don’t even feature. The next and largest of the three figures is Bubba Sawyer, otherwise known as Leatherface!




Leatherface is one filthy figure with what looks to be dried blood all over his shirt and apron. Unlike Jason, he is just moulded as one figure without any articulation, which is a bit of a shame, but I’m not too bothered. He towers above Jason and Freddy, and looks intimidating as hell.

The final figure in the set is everyone’s favourite dream-haunting child slayer.




I love this figure of Freddy. With the yellowy brown flesh, he really looks like he’s been burnt and his seared flesh has filled with pus. I’m also glad that even though he is missing a blade on his gloved hand due to only having three fingers, it doesn’t detract from his overall iconic look. Freddy can also move both arms like Jason, which is nice, as I like being able to have some options with how I pose him.
He also looks far more detailed than a Hasbro figure, as can be seen with him next to another iconic hat-wearing character from ’80s cinema.





So overall, I love these figures. They’re fun and small, but nicely detailed, and are perfect if you want to see will win in an epic brawl  between Jason Voorhees and Darth Vader. These Tiny Terrors can actually be quite expensive with sellers asking a surprising amount for them on eBay. Which is weird, because as cool as these toys are, I don’t think they’re worth spending much on. All three figures also released as a glow-in-the-dark version as well, which are cool but I won’t be spending too much time trying to track them down.

I actually have a spare Jason which I am in the process of stripping the paint off, in order to repaint him like his iconic appearance in the NES video game.  If I ever remember, I will edit this post and show how he looks!

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