Robocop 1993 Action Figure! Fallacious or a Knock-off?!

I picked up this Robocop figure recently for about a fiver. I’d never owned a Robocop product before, but I enjoyed the first movie, and adored Robocop Versus Terminator for the SEGA Mega Drive, so I thought it looked about the right scale to pose next to my Kenner Terminator figure.

The figure looks inoffensive enough, but the first issue raises its head with the cardback proudly boasting “With Flight Pack.. WOOSH”. Can you see the flight pack inside the packaging? Because I sure as hell can’t. I can some guns, and I can see a picture of Robocop wearing some massive shoulder-pads, but this toy is evidently severely lacking in the flight pack department, despite what the packaging says.




The cardback also states that Robocop is “Electronic” (well duh, it’s Robocop!) and invites me to “just touch him”, which sounds a little weird, and not too specific about the outcome of this request. I mean, most toys have a “press here for sound effects” or something written on the packaging. At this point, I don’t know if I am supposed to push a button on Robocop’s chest for sound effects, or if Robocop is just expecting a handjob.




The back of the packaging shows that Robocop comes in three different sizes. I’m not quite sure why really, it’s a toy based on a robot policeman at the end of the day, it’s not like you’re shopping for a specific sized pair of shoes.



Robocop feels a little underwhelming when freed from his packaging.  He comes with a variety of weapons, most of which I can’t really picture Robocop ever using. Luckily he does come with his iconic Auto 9 pistol, and I wondered if it would be possible to attach it to his leg like he does in the movie.



I’m still wondering. The gun does feature a little suction cup thing, which looks like it might fit onto the circular space on Robocops, leg but try as I might it just will not stick. So I guess it doesn’t.

I decided to try and work out where exactly I was supposed to “touch” Robocop for his electronic feature, and couldn’t find a button anywhere. I noticed the battery pack on the back seemed to be devoid of a screw to hold the compartment shut, so I opened it up.




It was lacking anything remotely electronic! No contacts for batteries or anything. Just a hole! The packaging lied! It made me wonder if perhaps the original figure had featured electronic capability, but in European territories the shell of the figure was used without any of the electronics and just stuck onto an older cardback which boasted that the toy was electronic. This kind of thing happened from time-to-time back then. But the packaging has no mention of the original toy manufacturer Toy Island, so I don’t know. I could be in possession of a knock-off.


The Robocop figure also has a removable gun feature on his left arm, a little like the Kenner Terminator figure, which you could put a factory arm, missile launcher or regular arm on. Only this figure neglected to come with an actual regular arm, so the options are gun arm, or sweet fuck all.




So overall, this is a pretty shitty Robocop figure. It’s either a bootleg or a damn liar. I did end up finding  a picture of another Robocop figure with the same cardback, AND that came with a flight pack, and had a  button for electronic features, so this one definitely just took the cardback, and lost the ‘Toy Island’ logo on the bottom right.




The only real saving grace for this shitty toy is that it is in the same scale as the Kenner Terminator 2 line, so if you wanted a Robocop figure to battle the T-800, they do look pretty good together. But if you are going to go and purchase a ’90s Robocop figure,  look for one that seems a little more legit than this one, and find one that actually comes with two arms because this one is pretty much a load of bollocks.




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