Kenner toys Terminator 2 ‘Power Arm’ Terminator action figure, 1991!

Walking around a local sci-fi and comic convention recently I came across a blast from the past (or is it future?).




It’s the T-800 from Terminator 2! I probably paid a little too much for this toy but it was complete with all of it’s accessories, which is quite uncommon for a loose figure. And I do have a lot of fond memories of owning it as a kid.




I have mentioned before how Kenner released a few toylines based on movies that were intended for a mature audience. Though I don’t think the second Terminator movie was as graphic as the first, and had themes that seemed a little more child friendly. But as a kid when I owned this toy, I hadn’t watched either of the Terminator movies and doubt I would have been allowed. That’s not to say that when my grandmother brought this figure back from a carboot sale for me as a present, I didn’t appreciate how awesome it was. It was a cyborg, that had interchangeable arms and battle damage. I didn’t need to see a movie to tell me how good this shit was.

Even though the figure only has half of a face, it does look surprisingly like Arnold Schwazenegger which is quite impressive for a toy that was made in 1991. The general look of the figure is kiiind of like the onscreen T-800, but I don’t think there was a scene where Arnold wore a sleeveless leather jacket, or his t-shirt was a burgundy colour. But who really cares? His removable right arm features an extendable spike weapon, so I can forgive a level of movie inaccuracy when my action figure can kill other toys without needing to hold an accessory in his hand. It works pretty much the same as the  original three Kenner Star Wars figures that wielded lightsabers with a little lever that you just slide down, though I think this figure does a somewhat better job with this than the Star Wars figures as the weapon doesn’t protrude out of the hand like the lightsabers.




The other two arms are interesting as well, though the hidden spike one probably is my favourite. The next one looks a bit stupid in my opinion.




I don’t know in what situation that would seem like a better choice of appendage than a normal arm. Perhaps he lost his spiky arm in battle and decided to fix himself with something from a car factory or something. Either way, I can’t imagine it would be too practical.

The third arm is definitely a lot more impressive looking.




Again, I doubt it would be very practical, but having a rocket launcher for an arm. you definitely look like you mean business. The figure that my Gran bought me as a kid was unfortunately lacking the missile so it’s neat to actually have one that I can shoot and loose for my very self.

Although I am glad to own it again, I probably did pay too much for this figure. It was £15, but considering I didn’t really buy anything else from the convention I didn’t mind paying that. I was arguing with myself about whether or not to pick up an original loose Teenage Mutant Ninja (Hero) Turtles Baxter Stockman which was also £15 from the same vendor, but relented and kind of wish I had now as it was in pretty nice condition and had accessories included, and I get fed up of picking up toys from eBay that look good in the photos and arrive looking like they have spent a few days with Sid from Toy Story.

Anyway, there were a bunch of other Terminator 2 figures released back in the day, depicting different looks of Arnold and the T-1000. I think the second series was called ‘Future War’ and it had a bunch of Terminators and villains that were completely original and not from either of the movies. Some looked really weird and demonic, and some were pretty good if memory serves me, though I don’t think I ever owned any of the others. All of the figures can be picked up fairly cheaply online anyways, though if you prefer detail you would probably be more suited towards the NECA line. I steer more towards charm and play-ability so these are right up my street.

I think that concludes this post and I acknowledge it’s quite a short one, and has been a long time coming. I have been so busy lately that it’s hard to find the time to sit down and write stuff, but hopefully will get the chance to again soon.

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