Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Wacky Action Rock ‘N Roll Michaelangelo action figure!

I loved and still love Ninja Turtles. It is such a weird combination, get some turtles, make ’em mutated ones that are roughly the size of humans and who can talk. And make ’em ninjas as well. What part of that isn’t the best thing ever?

I had quite a few Turtles toys as a kid. They could be found on the carboot sales in the UK for about 20p a figure so I could come away with a right little haul of figures for not very much money. I don’t own many Turtles toys these days unfortunately but I still have a vast appreciation for them even if some of the design choices back then were a little odd.

Over here in the UK, the British board of lets mollycoddle our kids decided that that the word ‘ninja’ was too violent to be used anywhere in the animated television series, so they removed all references to the word ninja. So the TMNT became  ‘Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles’. I  also heard that they removed all scenes in the cartoon that featured Michaelangelo’s nunchucks, I think because of a Bruce Lee film from the previous decade had apparently caused a lot of injuries and crimes involving this weapon. That said, I think I would rather get twatted in the face with a pair of nunchucks than impaled with katanas or sai  like Leo and Raph use. Funny how the do-gooders minds work innit?

Luckily the toys passed the censorship unscathed and nearly every Mikey figure came with some nunchucks of some kind. And that brings us to this toy!


The ‘Wacky Action’ line of TMNT figures all have a kind of wind up feature. This Mikey figure’s right hand spins 360° if you wind up the unsubtle ‘key’ on the figures left side.

Whilst I do like this figure, I wish he wasn’t given such a moronic expression. Does he really need his tongue sticking out as he goes into battle with the Foot Clan? Just because the figure line was called ‘Wacky Action’ didn’t mean that any of the characters had to look like they were a bit ‘special’.



The weapons that came with this figure were slightly odd, though not the strangest in the series. They comprised of some nunchucks, two snakes stuck together and a dustbin lid with cutlery stuck on it. All of which spun around when placed in the right hand.

Mikey always was my favourite turtle, and although I like this figure, it isn’t the best portrayal of the character in the line.  Mikey’s right hand always seems to be facing the wrong way around and with his tongue sticking out he does look like he has mental problems. Still, I didn’t pay much for him and I can proudly say that my toy collection is equal opportunities and  doesn’t discriminate against those who are seemingly handicapped.




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