Mega Bloks Plasma Kreaps! Vampire Castle Night Stalker!

I never really had any experience with Mega Bloks until they released a whole bunch of Halo sets a few years back to tie into the Halo Wars game. Being a bit of a Halo fanboy, I spent an absolute fortune on the line until I got sick of the lack of space that all the sets took up and stuck them all on eBay. Since then I haven’t really encountered Mega Bloks at all, but my wardrobe has somehow filled up with boxed sets of Lego that I haven’t gotten around to opening and building.
Anyway, whilst perusing eBay for cheap and spooky looking things I could take a look at on here, I encountered Mega Bloks Plasma Kreaps, a line I had never heard of before. So for £5.95 posted, it wasn’t long before I was holding a hellish looking vampire bat in my hands.



The packaging isn’t that exciting and does nothing to really stand out. I have no recollection of ever seeing these back around 2007 when they came out, but I wasn’t really looking for spooky Mega Bloks toys back then, which is a bit of a wasted opportunity. I could have been buying monster themed construction toys instead of having fun and drinking cider in parks with college friends.




Inside the packaging is a little plastic crate, and inside that is a weird rubbery/jelly-like sack, that contained a load of little plastic limbs.




I was a little disappointed that the rubbery sack was ripped open already. I’m guessing that this was supposed to be the ‘plasma’ element of the toy, but it wasn’t overly impressive. I was hoping for some slime, but the guys at Mega Bloks must have thought that weird rubber was somehow more impressive than slime. They were wrong.

Anyway, enough of the boring rubber and stuff, here’s the vampire all put-together.




It was a massive pain in the ass having to fit his arm/wing into the socket as I had to heat it up to soften the plastic enough to get it in as it was just too tight. You don’t really have that kind of problem with Lego, but as this toy is over a decade old, I don’t think it’s the end of the world.

The vampire is pretty neat though. Much bigger than any of the Halo Mega Bloks figures I had a few years back, and I kind of regret getting rid of them all now. I for one would like to see Master Chief duke it out with a gigantic flesh eating bat.

So in all, the vampire is cool but the weird brown rubbery bag thing that looks like a dead mans scrotum isn’t. If I ever encounter more of these toys I will pick them up providing they are not too expensive. I especially love the look of the zombie with his mutilated looking bloody arm. If life has taught me anything (it probably hasn’t), it’s that mutilated bloody arms on small plastic toys are awesome.





That’s all for now anyway folks! More spooky shit coming soon, when I can be bothered. I’ve been on a massive slasher binge lately, and I’m loving it to the point that even considering writing about something feels like an effort, when the alternative is watching Leatherface carve up teenagers. More will definitely come soon. Probably.


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