Pudding Dragons! Yummy Vanilla/Chocolate Pudding with a Free Fire Breathing Terror!

Sometimes when you are trudging around the supermarket doing the boring weekly shop, you happen across something that looks far too interesting to just leave sat on the shelf. This occurred recently when I encountered these ‘Kidsworld Dragon’ eggs.



Truthfully, the boring weekly shop had already been done when I discovered these and we had just called by Home Bargains to see if they happened to have any of the elusive Thrawn figures from Star Wars Rebels. They didn’t but discovering dragon eggs was definitely a suitable consolation.



There were a few different eggs but they were all fairly similar looking with each featuring bright colours and a noble looking mythical beast staring poignantly off into the distance.



After removing the plastic seal, the egg splits apart into two separate halves, each covered by silver foil.



In the one half lies a chocolatey, vanilla mousse kinda dessert which was surprisingly good, but there’s only about one tablespoonful before it’s gone. I mean I don’t want loads and loads but one spoonful doesn’t seem like much. No matter, the best part is located in the other half of the egg, requiring a small amount of assembly.







Ta-dah! A small black dragon! He’s quite adorable. I felt all full of motherly love upon releasing him, like Daenerys after she climbed off that pyre.



There are a bunch of others dragons to get, and after a couple of weeks of eating tablespoonfuls of dessert, me and my girlfriend have acquired a small collection which unfortunately have mostly been doubles. We have managed to get four unique dragons though which are cool, apart from the white one on the end which I think looks like a right stuck-up, snooty bitch.



The unfortunate thing about Home Bargains though is that they seem to only get things in for a certain amount of time before switching to something else, so whether I get to command a full set of dragons remains to be seen. I definitely dig the idea of having toys in a dessert though, as it reminds me of Gogos Crazybones that I used to get in the corner of yoghurt pots as a kid. Toys don’t seem to be something you get in packaged food items these days (outside of Kinder eggs) which is a damn shame. You can’t even find free gifts in cereal anymore, so to find a dragon in a chocolate mousse feels like a true accomplishment.

In the unlikely event that anyone from any food companies  actually reads this, I need more of this shit please. Plastic zombies in packets of gravy, sword wielding skeletons in packets of crisps, etc. I’m really not fussy. Thanks!


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