Funko ReAction Firefly 3-3/4″ Action Figures!

I love Firefly and I think it could easily be my favourite TV series to date. It’s got everything I find appealing in a science fiction show- likeable characters with good progression, the right amount of humour, a ‘believable’ universe, and thrilling, suspenseful adventures. It’s also dripping with that worn-in kind of charm that Star Wars has, with everything looking a bit grimy, rusted and believable.

I think every Firefly fan will agree with me that it was a travesty that Firefly got axed after only fourteen episodes, when it was a genuinely well written and enjoyable show. Regardless, today I’m going to be looking at some of the toys that I found under the bed earlier whilst looking for footwear that will allow me to walk about outside without getting my socks soaked due to the massive amount of snow that has descended over the past few days.


There they are! That’s the gang, well at least the ones that actually got manufactured as Shepherd Book, Inara, Simon and River were probably going to be released as a second wave. I don’t think the line sold too well, which is a damn shame as I’m still wanting for those other characters as well as a Serenity playset, in a similar style to the Kenner Millennium Falcon. But as Funko no longer make ReAction figures, it seems about as likely as a second TV series of Firefly being commissioned, so I’m probably going to be waiting a while.

Here are the existing figures anyway!

Malcom Reynolds



None of the characters faces look particularly accurate to how they look onscreen, but I’m guessing that accuracy isn’t that important with these figures, which are supposed to be like the Kenner Star Wars figures of the ’70s and ’80s, a simple style that does a good enough job of representing the character that they are supposed to be. As such Mal doesn’t look much like actor Nathan Fillion, but it doesn’t really matter, y’ know? The outfit makes it look enough like Mal on this figure. All of the ReAction figures feature just five points of articulation, like the old Star Wars figures, which suits me fine. The one thing I dislike about this figure is that it’s lacking the trademark coat that Mal is known for. That was a San Diego Comic Con exclusive.




Mal comes equipped with his pistol. It’s nothing fancy but it does the job okay.





The SDCC exclusive Mal is much better in my opinion, though I do think it’s a bit shitty that Funko withheld Mal’s coat just to make it exclusive to the SDCC Mal. I can’t even picture Mal without his trademark coat on, so it’s weird that they sold him without it everywhere else.


Jayne Cobb


Jayne actually doesn’t look too unlike how he does onscreen. He looks as simple as Mal, but comes with two weapons, a pistol and the iconic Vera.





Like Mal, Jayne also got released as an SDCC exclusive, though I feel this one is a little more okay, as his head got an entirely new sculpt so that he’s wearing his ridiculous beanie hat that his mother sent for him.




I really like both versions of Jayne, the only thing I could complain about is that I wished he had the Blue Sun logo on his t-shirt. But that would just be me being picky.


Hoban Washburne



I think this is probably my least favourite figure out of the set. This figure doesn’t look much like Wash, looking more akin to Boomhauer from King of the Hill. Can anyone else see it?




I do really like the fact that this figure comes with little dinosaur toys, so that he can play with them on the cockpit dashboard, if they ever do make a Serenity playset. I can but hope.


Zoe Washburne



Although I can see that is does look a little cartoonish, I really like this Zoe figure. She comes equipped with her shortened rifle, perfect for blasting outlaws and reavers alike. There’s not really much to say about this figure, as it get’s it pretty much spot on. It’s probably one of my favourites out of the bunch. Anyway, onto the last figure!

Kaylee Frye



This is unfortunately the figure I think looks the least like the character it’s supposed to represent, but I remember reading somewhere that the Funko sculptor who did these said that actress Jewel Staite was pretty difficult to sculpt for some reason. It’s okay I suppose. She comes with a wrench which is probably the most boring accessory ever. Jayne got two guns, she could have at least come with her umbrella or something.

So that’s the lot! It would have been nice if Funko had finished the main cast of characters but they’re pretty crappy at doing that as there have been a few lines now that have started and then dropped because they didn’t sell well. I have been buying the 3 3/4″ scale Game of Thrones and all of the figures seemed to be based around the wall, so of the ten figures made, four are wildlings. There isn’t anybody alive who really really wants a figure based on the bald cannibal wildling, but we still got one, along with Ygritte (the one that always says “You know nothing Jon Snow”). Who REALLY wanted figures based on wildlings? Compared to the massive amount of people who would definitely buy a Daenerys figure? As such it looks like the 3 3/4 GoT line has been scrapped. Funko seem to think the best way to do business is to make figures based on characters no-one wants, and then cancel the series before they risk making a figure that someone actually would want! I’m betting the Firefly figures would have sold better if they had managed to actually make the figures look more like the characters they are meant to represent. I think there were some quality issues with some of the earlier Funko ReAction figures, as a Mal figure (my first ReAction figure that I purchased) fell apart as soon as I took it out of the packaging. I tried gluing it but I just ended up making the limbs stick so bought the SDCC version instead.

Anyway, rant over. These Firefly figures are okay if you like figures that don’t look too much like how they’re meant to look onscreen, but pretty good if you want to give Malcolm Reynolds the opportunity to pilot your vintage Millennium Falcon.


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