Odd food! Chilli nut M&M’s!

Sometimes when eating something, a flavour can take a while to really hit the taste buds. This occured recently when I just popped these into my mouth.

Chilli nut M&M’s. I don’t think these are something really available in the UK. I half expected them to taste like the chilli coated peanuts we get over here, which would be weird, a very savoury taste mixed with chocolate. But they didn’t.

Removing them from the packet, it’s noticable how they seem to be of ‘spicy’ colours, reds and oranges and darker reds. They look similar in size to the peanut M&M’s here perhaps just a little bigger.

Popping them in my mouth and crunching them up I felt robbed for a few seconds (which is strange as I didn’t pay for these, they were sent by a friend) as they tasted exactly like standard peanut M&M’s that you can find in most shops in the UK. Then when you swallow, it’s like someone has made you gulp down a lit firework that was coated in hot mustard and then you have just jumped into the fires of Mount Doom for a swim.

Perhaps by American standards these sweets aren’t that spicy as from what I gather, a lot of Americans seem to masochistically test themselves by consuming hot sauce which seems to be roughly the same temperature as the core of the sun. But for someone who wasn’t really expecting candy to be hot, these were very very hot. After eating a few though I got used to it and they weren’t that much different from regular peanut M&M’s. They weren’t a game changer like the s’mores flavour M&M’s that I recently tried. But they weren’t awful. If you enjoy confectionary and the feeling of your throat burning at the same time, these are probably for you.


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