Pickups! Newly Acquired Video Games, Movies, Ninja Turtles, Japanese Vinyl Toys and more! Oct-Dec 2021!

So unlike my usual tri-monthly haul videos, I've decided to not write a post but do a video. Ta-dah! https://youtu.be/Xdo1kUrdrMU Hope everyone is having an enjoyable festive period!

Bullmark 1970 Reproduction Godzilla figure, by Bandai B-club, 2001!

It isn't often that I do a YouTube video, but I did a YouTube video, where I look at a reproduction of the 1970s Japanese Godzilla figure. The original version of this toy actually appeared onscreen in Godzilla vs Hedorah (the Smog Monster). https://youtu.be/PNwzk9emauE